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Current Membership number is 138




The Original American Italian club was formed in 1921 as the Italian American Social Club of Elmsford.


The original club was disbanded for reasons and date unknown and reactivated in the late 1940's.  It was disbanded a second time in 1953 for a variety of reasons 


The club was brought back to life in 1965/66 with approximatly 135 members on the books.


In March 1969 the current club location was purchased.  It was formerly a Methodist Church.  Membership pitched in with muscle and financially to sure up the building.  The building was reopened and dedicated that spring.


With a Permanant home the Club could now focus on serving the community and has been doing so ever since!


The Purpose of the club is to :


  • Promote Friendly relations amoung its members.

  • Preserve and keep alive Italian culture and traditions.

  • Promote mutual benefit and protection of its members.

  • Install in all a sense of individual and collective obligation and loyalty to the community and its projects.

  • Give aid and assisttance in whatever way possible to its members or anyone in the community in need thereof.

  • Unite in a non-partisan way to work for the advancement of qualified and competant Americans of Italian extraction.

  • Uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and the State of New York.

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